WordPress website design in Sheffield

WordPress website design in Sheffield

WordPress website design in Sheffield and why we use it!


For a number of years now WordPress has been our web design platform of choice, why? Read on…

WordPress has developed hugely since its launch as a humble blogging platform just over 10 years ago and is now the most used platform for content managed websites in the world!

We moved over to WordPress around 5 years ago and it has proven to be an excellent decision both for us and our customers.

The platform allows complex, dynamic websites to be designed and built at a much lower price and far quicker than coding a full site from scratch and has the added benefit of having 1000’s of developers constantly developing new plugins which makes adding in the latest functionality to your site a quick and very cost effective option.

All our new WordPress sites are now fully responsive meaning they reconfigure for mobile devices, making viewing your site a far more intuitive experience. Having a responsive site is an important ranking factor in Google searches.

WordPress is a CMS platform (Content Management System), this means once built the vast majority of site updates and changes can be made by you, saving you money but more importantly allowing you to react quickly to any changes within your product or service offering.

Regular updates are also considered a very important factor in Search Engine rankings and WordPress has an excellent news / blogging area which if used correctly can really help to boost where you are found in searches, and due to the CMS, you can quickly and easily get your targeted news items out there with minimal effort.

When we build websites we include a range of our preferred plugins covering Search Engine Optimisation, Security, Social Media, Analytics, Site Speed Optimisation and of course a full one on one tutorial of how to use them.

So with it’s ability to create simple or very complex, content managed, fully responsive websites, WordPress could be the perfect choice for your next site, next time you are thinking of a site re-design, give us a call, we are rapidly becoming The WordPress Experts in Sheffield.

WordPress website design in Sheffield – Hello Volta!



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